Our Approach

 What does it take to lead a company where there is no trade-off between
social performance and business performance?

Addressing social interest with a business model is the largest enterprise opportunity today. It requires breakthrough ideas that transcend seemingly disparate ways of thinking and binary choices. Collaboration and integrity across action and performance. Your business’s creative edge is shaped and defined by your leadership.

Your talent – yours and your team’s – is the ultimate capital.
Elevate your place in your organization, in your industry and in the world.



Creative Presence

Presence   |   Flexibility of focus   |    Dynamism

Creative presence enables the ability to see patterns -- across markets, systems, your team and your stakeholders. To engage effectively with constant change. To meet the emergent challenges consequential to your success. We help you and your team develop the creative presence, qualitative intelligence and agile interactivity that assure your organization’s successful performance.

To extend your comfort with ambiguity. And sharpen your clarity to act.
To refine the constant re-aligning of attention, intention and action.



Trust is the ecosystem for productive collaboration and efficient performance.
It allows the creative thinking and risk-taking necessary to brilliant innovation.

Do you deliver exactly what you expect of your team?

 Your leadership integrity – creative and social -- is the foundation for your team’s shared confidence. 

We help you shift the perceptual misalignments and behavioral patterns that can diminish trust.

We develop the capacity – in you and your team – to deescalate conflict before it becomes damaging. To restitute trust after it’s been derailed.

Trust within your team is necessary to trust outside your organization.
So that your brand is resilient within the radical immediacy of today’s networked relationships.


Engaging diversity as a team asset

The best innovation comes from diversity across function, geography, gender and age. We develop the intercultural skills for accessing the multiple backgrounds, identities and knowledge on your team.

So that every team member is at the table, actively driving ideas and shaping your success.


Corporate Conversation

Purpose-driven communication evokes shared vision -- beyond business function or individual roles. We help you set the tone for the corporate conversation inherent to your organization’s success. Enabling networked relationships, fluid interactivity, bottom-up and outside-in information flow.

To align purpose, aspirational goals, creative steps and collaboration without boundaries.



Communication is the tip of the iceberg in leadership performance.

Effective communication reflects the insight, engagement and skill of excellent leadership.
At its best, leadership communication creates a team’s sense of shared ownership and in-the-game problem solving. Rather than compliance.


We help you to tell a story so that it feels “native” to the person in front of you.

So that it resonates, inspires and amplifies across your team. And across your community.


Leadership communication is about listening....hearing what is said and what is not said.
And engaging skillfully...every step of the way.